Attorney Consultations

At Wilbrandt Law, all prospective clients (except those seeking mediation services) are asked to schedule an initial client consultation before retaining the services of my firm. The focus of the consultation is you and the issues which you bring to my office. I do not waste your time “selling” you on my services.

During the initial consultation, I will review any documents which you bring to the meeting and ask you a number of questions to gain a better understanding of your case. I encourage you to come prepared with your own questions as well. I try to identify potential issues or concerns which may become apparent to me through our interview and, if appropriate, help you develop a strategy to handle these issues. It is a very comprehensive interview and if you do decide to hire us, the information that I glean from the meeting will be vital. The consult also gives you a chance to get to know me better and decide if you would like to work with me. Even if you elect to go elsewhere or represent yourself, you should leave my office with a better understanding of your case.

For prospective DIY litigants, an initial client consultation is an opportunity to learn more about the dissolution and APR process in Colorado as well as a chance to ask questions and discuss your dissolution or parenting issues with an attorney. Initial client conferences typically last an hour and thirty minutes and are billed at the flat rate of $150. Payment is expected at the conclusion of the initial consultation.

DIY clients who have ongoing questions and concerns about their legal matter; require assistance understanding the forms and documents required by the Court; or who are seeking attorney advice and input for developing a settlement position or designing a legal strategy may schedule additional consultations, as needed. Subsequent attorney consultations are billed at $325/hour. No retainer is required, although payment is expected at the conclusion of each session.

How do I know which DIY option to choose for my situation?

Typical Situations Mediation Package** Forms Package Unbundled Legal Services Attorney Consultation
I’m not ready to file Court papers, but I have questions about the process and my rights and obligations.
(Initial Consultation)
I’ve been married less than 3 years, have no children and few assets.
I want to file a motion to modify parenting time and handle it myself, but I’m not sure where to start.
My husband handed me a proposed separation agreement, but I don’t know if it’s a “good deal.”
My wife and I are separating and don’t want to fight in court, but we can’t agree on how to divide our property and handle parenting.
Our court-ordered parenting plan isn’t working and we want to make changes without returning to court.

** If you elect to mediate with me, you cannot use the other DIY options.